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Your dog will have something to bark about with a groom from The Dog Club!

Whether the spa works or a relaxing bath, our groomers take special care in bathing and styling your pet to your specifications. Only the finest professional quality products and equipment are used in The Dog Club Salon.

Bath or Groom appointment may be made in conjunction with daycare play dates. Call for an appointment today!

Includes a thorough wash with natural shampoos and conditioners, hand drying with professional dryers, nail trim, ear cleaning and light brushing.

Includes all the above plus a full brush out & hair clipping.
Expression (external) by request.

Bath and Grooming prices are determined by breed, size and coat condition. Please call our groomer for an estimate. All grooming issues must be addressed within 24 hours.


Spa Packages
SHED-LESS Treatment
Add $15 to bath cost
Includes a bath using low-shed shampoo and a deShedding™ solution with a thorough brush out.

This treatment dramatically reduces shedding!